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Raymond Bridgman Cowles (1896-1975)

Biólogo sudafricano
Palabras acuñadas por este creador:
Total de palabras: 2
Palabra Información
ectotermo, ma (ectotherm) 1940
endotermo, ma (endotherm) 1940
ectotermo . 1940. Amer. Naturalist 74 549 (OED)
Texto de la acuñación de ectotherm
"The most convenient and descriptive categories result in a division into heliotherms and thigmotherms, the former receiving their heat chiefly through basking, the latter, chiefly through contact with substances in the environment.‥ Such a division naturally leads to the collective name ‘ectotherm’ as an adjunct of or substitute for the inadequate characterization provided by the word ‘poikilotherm’" (OED).
endotermo . 1940. Amer. Naturalist 74 550 (OED)
Texto de la acuñación de endotherm
"The implication of the name ‘homoiotherms’, which suggests the immutability of normal temperatures, is belied by many birds and mammals, and furthermore, both as a more suitable and logical contrast to the ectotherms, it is suggested that the warm blooded organisms may be conveniently referred to as endotherms" (OED).
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