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Casimir Funk (1884-1967)

Bioquímico polaco
Palabras acuñadas por este creador:
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Palabra Información
avitaminosis (avitaminosis) 1914
vitamina (vitamine) 1912
vitaminosis (Vitaminose) 1914
avitaminosis . 1914. Lancet 9 May 1328/2 (OED)
Texto de la acuñación de avitaminosis
"The author [sc. C. Funk] states that this publication [sc. Die Vitamine] is the first attempt at a representation of our knowledge about vitamines and avitaminoses.‥ By the word avitaminoses, coined by the author, is understood what is called in English ‘deficiency diseases’" (OED).
vitamina . 1912. Jrnl. State Med. 20 342 (OED)
Texto de la acuñación de vitamine
"It is now known that all these diseases, with the exception of pellagra, can be prevented and cured by the addition of certain preventive substances; the deficient substances, which are of the nature of organic bases, we will call ‘vitamines’; and we will speak of a beri-beri or scurvy vitamine, which means a substance preventing the special disease" (OED).
1912. "The Etiology of the Deficiency Diseases", Journal of State Medicine, 20, 341-365: 342
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