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Samuel Franklin Emmons (1841-1911)

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proterozoico, ca (proterozoic) 1887
proterozoico, ca . 1887. Let. 25 May in Internat. Geol. Congr, Amer. Comm. Rep. (1891) a71 (OED)
Texto de la acuñación de proterozoic
"With Irving, Chamberlin and Walcott I think that the Huronian, Keweenawian, and Grand Cañon series, and whatever other clastic formations occur between the Cambrian and the Archean should be included in one grand group of equivalent rank with the Archean, Paleozoic, etc‥. I would suggest that the name Proterozoic should be given to this new group, signifying that its life was earlier than that of the other groups, without committing ourselves as yet to the statement that it was the first to appear upon the earth" (OED).
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