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Alexander Ivanovich Oparin (1894-1980)

Bioquímico ruso
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Palabra Información
protobionte (protobiont) 1938
probionte . 1964. A. Synge tr. Oparin Chem. Origin Life on Earth iii. 61 (OED)
Texto de la acuñación de protobiont
"The droplets would come to contain a constantly increasing concentration of the corresponding catalysts when the mass of the droplet increased as it grew by polymerising the monomers of the surrounding medium. Such coacervate droplets with an improved organisation are still only hypothetical but, for convenience of discussion, we shall refer to them in what follows by the provisional name of ‘protobionts’" (OED).
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Andréi Kursánov (izda.) y Aleksandr Oparin en 1938.
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ISBN: 8478005722