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Hugo von Mohl (1805-1872)

Médico y biólogo alemán
Palabras acuñadas por este creador:
Total de palabras: 3
Palabra Información
peridermis (Peridermis) 1836
peridermo (periderme) 1838
protoplasma (Protoplasma) 1839
peridermis . 1836. Ann. sci. nat. (bot.) 9 303 (OED)
protoplasma . 1846. tr. H. von Mohl Ann. & Mag. Nat. Hist. 18 3
Texto de la acuñación de protoplasma
"Since, as we have already observed, this viscous mass everywhere precedes the first solid formations indicative of future cells where cells are to be formed‥I trust it will be considered justifiable if I propose to designate this substance by the word protoplasma, a term which recalls to mind its physiological function" (OED).
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ISBN: 8478005722