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Thomas Graham (1805-1869)

Químico británico
Palabras acuñadas por este creador:
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Palabra Información
coloide (colloid) (reintroducida) 1861
diálisis (dialysis) (reintroducida) 1861
ósmosis (osmosis) 1854
osmótico, ca (osmotic) 1854
coloide. 1861. Philos. Trans. (Royal Soc.) (1862) 184 (note) (OED)
texto de la acuñación de colloid
Certain liquid colloid substances are capable of forming a jelly and yet still remain liquefiable by heat and soluble in water. Such is gelatine itself.
diálisis. 1861. Philos. Trans. (Royal Soc.) 186 (OED)
texto de la acuñación de dialysis
It may perhaps be allowed me to apply the convenient term dialysis to the method of separating by diffusion through a septum of gelatinous matter.
ósmosis. 1854. Philos. Trans. (Royal Soc.) 144 181 (OED)
texto de la acuñación de osmosis
With the same proportion (1 per cent.) of different substances, the osmose varied from 0 to 80 degrees. Occasionally, instead of a rise of liquid in the tube, a fall was observed; the fall may be spoken of as negative osmose, to distinguish it from the rise or positive osmose.
osmótico, ca. 1854. Philos. Trans. (Royal Soc.) 144 177 (OED)
texto de la acuñación de osmotic
On Osmotic Force. The expression ‘Osmotic Force’ (from ὠσμὸς, impulsio) has reference to the endosmose and exosmose of Dutrochet.
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