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Michael Abercrombie (1912-1979)

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Palabra Información
lamelipodio (lamellipodium) 1970
lamelipodio . 1970. Abercrombie M, Heaysman JE & Pegrum SM. The locomotion of fibroblasts in culture. II. "Ruffling". Exper. Cell Res. 60 443/2 (OED)
Texto de la acuñación de lamellipodium
"We have therefore three kinds of structures‥the thin anterior tip of the cell which‥may protrude or withdraw‥the ruffle formed by the bending upwards of this anterior tip‥and the vertical ruffles that appear directly on the dorsal surface behind the anterior edge. We propose for future discussion to introduce the term lamellipodium, on the analogy of filopodium, for such thin, sheet-like, mobile, commonly transitory projections from the cell" (OED).
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ISBN: 8478005722